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Sometimes you may come across words you know well in a particular context, but are not really sure what is. One of these words is, for example, credit, where we experience many who ask themselves “What is credit really and what does it mean?”. The word credit itself means to trust, trust or lend, which is exactly what credit today is. The word comes from Italian “credito”, which comes from Latin “creditum”.

Credit is a amount of money that a bank or other financial company makes available to you. You do not pay as long as the credit limit is only approved, as you only pay when the credit is used. It may be good to have a credit if you are suddenly in a position where you may be exposed to unpredictable expenses.

We typically know the word credit from credit cards, but especially also cash credit as we know from the bank. However, you can also get a consumer loan like a quick loan where you do not pay interest, but pay a fixed amount to borrow, as seen here .

What is a Cash Credit?

money cash

As previously mentioned, a bank loan or current credit loan is a type of loan where you do not pay until you withdraw money on the cash credit. Typically, you will make an agreement with the bank on the maximum amount you can be allowed to spend, and thus it is also important to take into account what the interest rate is, and especially the interest rate on the loan. If the desired overdraft facility is sufficiently large, the bank may claim to be a sub-mortgagee in a letter of ownership. It can be a mortgage in a home, car or other high value.

Many may know the term appropriated overdraft, which you can typically get if you are in overdraft on your account for a short time. This solution is usually a fixed term, while a cash credit is a more permanent solution. For example, companies often use overdraft facilities to finance their short-term debt, and are an important tool for them if they have high payment obligations.


What is a Credit Card?

money cash

You probably know what it is, but what does it have to do with credit and the above? We will discuss that here. In many ways, a credit card works just like a credit card, but where the credit card has the same characteristics as a credit card. You can pay with the credit card for daily purchases, but the amount is only settled at the end of the month, as opposed to a bank card’s immediate settlement in your payroll.

Many people in Denmark are not aware of the benefits of using a credit card in this country. Many credit cards have associated bonuses such as the airline SAS’s Mastercard, where you use the card to earn euro bonus points – a currency in their loyalty program that you can use to fly for.

The disadvantage of a credit card is that it is often the case that every month you have to pay the full amount owed to the bank. A credit card is therefore not a good idea to acquire if you are not good at managing your finances. It may seem that you have more money available than you actually have. Therefore, we propose a current credit where you are only obliged to pay back a small amount each month, which is to be overlooked.


Credit for 12 years from now on offer http://urcf.net//credit-for-12-years-from-now-on-offer/ Wed, 16 Oct 2019 14:14:47 +0000 http://www.urcf.net/credit-for-12-years-from-now-on-offer/

Good Finance Group Credit Catalog Enriched for New Line of Non-Purpose Loan with Extended Maturity – 15 Year Credit

Considering the fact that the standard of living in Croatia is low, a large number of citizens are in financial difficulties.

12-year credit has become one of the most sought-after lines of credit, most notably because citizens have lately been focusing on reducing their overall monthly credit obligations.

Regular debtors who did not meet the criteria for refinancing loans were not able to extend the repayment period of the loan and thus reduce the amount of the monthly annuity, ie release most of their own monthly income.

Kuna loan with favorable interest rate for employees and pensioners


The maximum loan amount of HRK 220,000.00 can be realized by permanent and retired employees. At maturity of the last installment, loan participants may not be older than 70 years.

The loan is contracted in HRK at a variable nominal interest rate, which is 8.50% for bank clients and 8.90% for non-clients. The fee for the administrative cost of processing a loan is 2.0% of the approved loan amount.

Credit for foreclosure clients

Credit for foreclosure clients

A loan can close less of a clutter and clutter on a credit report. For this reason, the loan is placed with additional collateral such as a life insurance policy and a deposit.

Loans in the life of citizens of the Republic of Croatia become necessary. These are loans that can be partially or fully repaid early, usually without any fees.

The easiest way to overcome this recession is to contract a loan with the lowest possible monthly annuity.

Max. amount: 220.000,00 kn
Repayment period: up to 12 years
Annuity: HRK 2,442.12
Interest rate: 8.50% (EIR 9.60%)
Fee: 4.400,00 kn

In addition to the primary insurance instruments (Statement of Consent to Seizure of Receipts, Promissory Notes and Bills of Exchange), the loan also deals with a cash deposit or risk of a life insurance policy.

Fill out our credit form and experience the ease of raising credit with Progress!


By filling out a questionnaire, you discreetly submit your information to us using a form protected by a secure Internet protocol, which we then process and do all the necessary checks and analyzes, completely free of charge.

When we are ready for you, we will contact you as soon as possible, and no later than the next business day, and present you with a situation about your personal possibilities of withdrawing a loan from our database containing all credit lines on the market, more precisely – 357 credit lines.

We then direct you to the correct list of documentation and the fastest ways to obtain them, and everything in the process is arduous, tedious and time-consuming.


Take a look at Good Finance’s new Consumer Credit Law, which should banks’ arbitrariness http://urcf.net//take-a-look-at-good-finances-new-consumer-credit-law-which-should-banks-arbitrariness/ Wed, 09 Oct 2019 14:17:58 +0000 http://www.urcf.net/take-a-look-at-good-finances-new-consumer-credit-law-which-should-banks-arbitrariness/  

Amendments to the Consumer Lending Act, whose proposal will be brought before the Government tomorrow, would determine that loan agreements with more than 20 percent interest rates and a fiscal margin over the repayment period should not be regulated the maximum interest rate on home loans, limited the effective interest rate of consumer loans, which, under current conditions, could not exceed 11 percent, and specified issues related to the current account overdraft.

The amendments have been proposed by the Ministry of Finance


Which, among other things, points out that a series of amendments to the current law seek to ensure adequate consumer protection in order to put them in an equal position with creditors.

Increasing cases of inability to pay obligations and almost 300,000 blocked accounts are reported about the difficult situation of citizens, with an increasing percentage of loans that citizens cannot repay, so the share of bad loans in total home loans increased from 5 percent in 2008 to 12.5 percent in 2012.

The proposed changes would introduce a provision whereby fees related to approved loans must be linked to the actual cost of granting the loan, and prohibit the introduction of new fees after the conclusion of the loan agreement.

In addition, the Minister of Finance will define the rules in more detail in order to avoid that they contain hidden elements that raise the price of loans and the possibility of using unjustified fees.

Also, banks or creditors will be obliged to warn the consumer in writing about the risks associated with changes in exchange rates, changes in interest rates and loss of income of the consumer.

When negotiating a variable interest rate

When negotiating a <a href=variable interest rate” width=”640″ height=”307″ />

The parameters that can be used as a basis for changing the contractual variable interest rate (EURIBOR, LIBOR, NRS or average interest rate on deposits in a particular currency) are precisely defined, and would also prevent the growth of the interest margin after contracting. credit agreement.

Even contracts concluded before the entry into force of the proposed changes, for which no interest rate change parameters were defined, would explicitly stipulate that, in such contractual relationships, the creditor must negotiate variable parameters, a fixed margin and change periods as a basis for any future changes in the interest rate. interest.

At the same time, for those loan agreements where the exchange rate appreciated more than 20 percent during the repayment period, the interest rate or the fixed margin should not be higher than the initial ones, which, according to the Ministry, protects the most vulnerable group of citizens, which was exposed not only to the rise in interest rates, but also to the significant growth of the exchange rate.

The proposed changes would set a maximum interest rate on home loans


Which should not be higher than the average interest rate on approved home loans in currencies (euro, kuna, Swiss franc) in Croatia, plus one-third.

For other consumer credit categories (except residential), the maximum allowed interest rate may not be higher than the average interest rate plus one half.

The average interest rate on currencies is published by the Croatian National Bank on its website.

The ministry points out that it provides citizens with additional protection against excessive growth in interest rates, unfavorable interest rates and excessive borrowing, which is particularly important in housing loans.

The state’s intervention is explained by the fact that interest rates on housing loans in Croatia are above the average of EU Member States, especially in the Eurozone countries, where the average interest rate is 3.35 percent and in Croatia it is 5.37 percent.

The Ministry also warns about the problem of approval, especially the abolition of overdrafts on citizens’ current accounts (so-called minuses), where decisions on reducing the bank’s minus are made unilaterally and do not adequately warn citizens, or offer a gradual transition to a reduced amount of approved overdraft.

Efficient Savings – Succeed With Your Savings In http://urcf.net//efficient-savings-succeed-with-your-savings-in/ Sat, 05 Oct 2019 12:54:42 +0000 http://www.urcf.net/efficient-savings-succeed-with-your-savings-in/

Saving money – how difficult can it really be? Not very difficult at all actually, but in order to create as efficient savings as possible, it may be good to set up a plan for your savings.

Effective saving on routine

money loan

First of all, it is good if you decide on a routine around your savings and stick to it. The reason for a good routine is to put aside a certain amount of money on a monthly basis for savings. To make sure it actually gets rid of, it is good if the money is moved from the account at the same time each month. Here it is important to consider when choosing the money to transfer to your savings. At the end of the month, as you know, there is not always money left in the account, so the transfer to your savings should be done as soon as you receive your salary. The easiest way is if you enter an automatic, recurring transfer from your payroll account directly to the savings account. That way you don’t even have to think about spending that money – it happens automatically!

Saving with the lowest level

money loan

Of course, how much you can spend on savings each month is up to you to decide, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Start by deducting 5% of your income, then try with 10% and so on. See it as a challenge to test how much you can save and still manage on the money you have left. You may not be able to put away the exact same amount each month, but decide on a lowest level and try to stick to it. Effective saving should be done continuously and a small sum is always better than nothing.

Divide your savings

What should you do with the money you spend each month to build up the most efficient savings possible?

In order to create efficient and structured savings, it is a good idea to divide it into different parts, depending on how short or long term the savings are. You may already save for your pension, but at the same time want a saving for unforeseen expenses, travel or an upcoming renovation. In this type of short-term savings, it is important that the risk is relatively low and that money can be accessed quickly. In the case of long-term savings, such as for the pension or savings for children, the money can instead be placed in savings forms with higher risk.

Therefore, first consider the different options that are relevant to you and then decide how the total amount you spend on saving should be distributed over the different savings forms each month. Maybe 40% should go to short-term savings and 60% to long-term savings? How you want to distribute it is up to you and of course you can change along the way. Some months, the short-term savings may need to be replenished more, then you simply change the distribution of your savings among your various savings forms.

Invest your money with William Daj

money loan

Another way to create effective savings, with low risk and high returns, is to invest your savings with William Daj. Through our digital platform you lend money to creditworthy individuals. For the more short-term savings, you can then have the money paid out once a month. You can also choose to reinvest the money in new loans and thus allow your investment to grow further over time. When you want to access the money, you simply choose to have them paid out.

Check your accounts, 18 million email passwords stolen! http://urcf.net//check-your-accounts-18-million-email-passwords-stolen/ Wed, 11 Sep 2019 14:05:04 +0000 http://www.urcf.net/check-your-accounts-18-million-email-passwords-stolen/

They use their password thieves to make money or buy online

If you own an email associated with PayPal (a company that makes payments and transfers online), it would be a good idea to make sure your account balance is still as it should be.

Namely, the German police announced that one of the major emails of the e-mail passwords has been carried out in recent days, which, without the owner’s knowledge, “cleans up” the accounts and withdraws cash.

Internet banking

Internet banking

Estimates say that hackers have stolen 18 million email addresses and their associated passwords this week, and a good portion of them are linked to PayPal. The thieves check that the PayPal password is identical to the email password, which is a very common case, and then they withdraw funds from their account or buy goods online, which is then delivered to the default address. Although this fraud was discovered on Thursday, the theft of money from the account is still ongoing.

Email account holders most often use the terms 123456 and password


The job is also facilitated by the fact that e-mail users often use simple passwords. According to the list of the most common and the most common, and thus the worst, email account holders most often use the terms 123456 and password.

Unfortunately, almost half of internet users don’t pay too much attention to choosing a password. Most often, they choose words or terms that are easy to remember and put a numeric string or a general term. Such a password breaks through special programs in seconds and offers no protection.

Change your password


It’s not a problem if you use your email account to play video games, but if it’s connected to internet banking, it can be a very costly mistake – says computer expert Josip Jerenic.

Of the 18 million hacked email addresses, the vast majority belong to Internet users in Europe. About three million e-mail accounts compromised in Germany, while the number is still unknown in Croatia. In any case, the advice is to protect yourself.

Deposits, why do they give me so little for my money? http://urcf.net//deposits-why-do-they-give-me-so-little-for-my-money/ Sun, 30 Dec 2018 09:35:08 +0000 http://www.urcf.net/?p=91 Image result for deposit

Deposits are no longer as profitable as before for small investors. A few years ago, it was not difficult to find a six-month deposit with a return of around 4%. Today, this is impossible: no financial institution offers deposits with such high returns , but what they give us for our money is much less. Why?

The answer is simple: interest rates are flat, at their lowest levels . Decision of the banks? No, this situation is a consequence of the evolution of the economy and, in the case of the countries of the Eurozone, of the decisions of the European Central Bank (hereinafter, the ECB).

The ECB, chaired by Mario Draghi, is the bank of the banks and ultimately responsible for the monetary policy of the euro zone. Its role is to act as a bank of normal banks (Santander, ING Direct, BBVA …), to which it lends money or saves the capital in the form of a deposit, for example.

In recent years, as a result of the progress of the European economy, the ECB has only reduced interest rates once again, with the aim of reactivating the different economies of the euro area. As a result, banks can access the ECB’s liquidity at minimum interest rates . Therefore, being able to finance themselves in this way, they do not need to offer the public in general good offers in the form of deposits to capture their savings.

Explained in another way, imagine that they are a bank and have two ways to raise money: offer a deposit to individuals with an attractive and competitive interest rate (otherwise the consumers would go to the competition) or resort directly to the ECB to obtain liquidity at a virtually zero cost. What would they do?

The consequence of this cheap money offered by the ECB, coupled with less uncertainty about the economic progress of the countries of the eurozone has led to financial institutions no longer need to compete with each other in offering good deposits with which to attract customers to obtain liquidity, but it is much faster and cheaper to have recourse directly to the ECB’s financing.

On the other hand, the fact that the ECB penalizes the savings of banks and charges them for keeping their money has led to the banks themselves finding it more profitable to lend their money than to keep it in the ECB itself . As a result, they do not need to continue collecting money through deposits, since storing them costs them money. This situation has also had a negative impact on the remuneration of deposits.

In short, forget about deposits at 4% for a while. If they want to make their savings profitable, they should look for other investment products, such as investment funds . The choice between fixed income or variable income, or a fund or another already depends on the risk that the saver wants to assume, without ever forgetting that at higher risk, greater profitability.

Gedescoche, loans for your car http://urcf.net//gedescoche-loans-for-your-car/ Mon, 03 Sep 2018 10:32:45 +0000 http://www.urcf.net/?p=80 Gedescoche is a line of quick loans from the Gedesco company that allows you to request up to € 10,000 by providing as a guarantee a car less than 10 years old and regardless of whether you have no payroll or are in ASNEF since the guarantee is the car itself.

Benefits No Payroll: Yes With Asnef: Yes Cash: Do not Limits Minimum term: 30 days Deadline: 12 months Minimum loan: € 1,000 Maximum loan: € 10,000

Additional Gedescoche information

 Gedescoche is the brand of urgent loans with the guarantee of a vehicle from the financial company Gedesco . Gedescoche was formerly called Disfruting, and allows you to request a loan of up to € 10,000 by providing a car as a guarantee but with the advantage that you can continue to use the vehicle normally.

Although the maximum amount is € 10,000, the maximum limit that can be requested depends in reality on the car’s appraised value, but in Gedescoche they assure that they always offer the maximum appraisal. Each customer will have a maximum custom limit and equivalent to the market value of the vehicle that he provides as collateral.

After completing the online application Gedescoche values ​​the vehicle and if the client accepts the loan, he receives the money within 24 hours after the request . As the guarantee is the car itself they do not ask for payroll nor do they matter in the ASNEF lists . The only requirement is that the vehicle is less than 8 years old (10 years in the case of high-end vehicles).

How do Gedescoche’s urgent loans work?

The main characteristic is that there is no fixed term to repay the loan. The client receives the money he needs and when he decides to return it he does it and the debt is paid. To cancel the loan, exactly the same amount of money that was requested is returned.

During the term of the loan a small monthly rent is paid in exchange for continuing to use the car normally , that is the cost of the loan. The price of that rent will depend in each case on the amount requested and the valuation of the vehicle. It is very important to know that monthly rental fee before accepting the Gedescoche loan so as not to take us any unpleasant surprises. There is also the possibility of “renting” a different car, for example in the case of wanting to pay a lower amount per month for a lower-end vehicle.

Gedescoche loans

After receiving a loan with this company, it is very important to pay rent installments on time, since the non-payment will set in motion the appropriate legal procedures with their economic consequences.

How to request a loan for your car in Gedescoche

money for your car This is a very simple process since, when guaranteeing the loan amount with a vehicle, it is not necessary to provide any other type of guarantees, which greatly reduces paperwork and procedures, as it is not necessary to provide payroll or endorsement. Gedescoche grants its credits even with ASNEF , since it does not consult the delinquent files.

The procedure is very fast, the first step is to enter the website of Gedescoche.es and fill out a simple online form with our name, phone number, email address and make and model of the car we want to provide as a guarantee of the quick loan . After entering this data, they value the vehicle and tell us how much money they can lend to us based on the market value of the car.

If we agree with the amount and with the monthly cost of the rent, you simply have to accept the agreement and the money is received in only 24 hours.

The only requirements are that the car has less than 10 years, that the applicant is the owner of the car and that there is no loan on the car.

What do you need to be able to close the loan?

If after the appraisal and the conditions you want to contract the loan for the Gedescoche car, it is necessary to comply with the following points in reference to the vehicle:

  • ITV in force.
  • Contribute technical sheet.
  • Municipal circulation tax paid (provide receipt).
  • Have a residence in the Peninsula or the Balearic Islands.
  • No domain reservation (no loan on the car).
  • Permit of circulation in the name of the loan applicant.


How much money can I get

Gedesco’s appraisal for Gedescoche loans is based on the Ganvam Bulletin, which assesses vehicles based on age, model and other characteristics. They can usually give you less than 24 hours 50% of the value of that appraisal without questions and with the only guarantee of your car.

Advantages of Gedescoche loans

The main advantage of these loans is that you can get money very fast and in larger amounts than in the fast loans sector.

The second advantage is that the only guarantee is the vehicle itself and therefore it does not matter if you are included in the lists of ASNEF, you do not have to contribute payroll or endorsements. As you can see, Gedescoche makes loans with ASNEF since it does not even consult that register of defaulters.

The client continues to use his vehicle normally and can cancel the loan when he deems appropriate, while the vehicle will pay a monthly fee in exchange for his loan.

10 aspects to consider before applying for a personal credit http://urcf.net//10-aspects-to-consider-before-applying-for-a-personal-credit/ Wed, 04 Jul 2018 10:49:14 +0000 http://www.urcf.net/?p=86
Image result for number 10

Sometimes we can fancy a whim, we want to make reforms at home or we have to face an unforeseen expense, but we can not afford our salary. This is when we consider asking for a personal loan , a direct and in some cases simple way that allows us to obtain a certain amount of money to be repaid within the stipulated period.

According to the definition of the Bank of Spain, a personal loan is a banking product that allows the individual to receive a certain amount of money from a credit institution in exchange for returning it, along with the corresponding interest, through periodic payments. However, it is not always so easy to apply for a loan and it is important to keep in mind the following ten points before going to our bank:

  1. Use an online credit comparison to check the interest charged by each company or entity when granting the loan. It is also interesting to assess future commissions for granting credit or for its maintenance
  2. Check the price for early cancellation . In some cases there are no charges for the cancellation of advanced fees or the total debt, but in general it usually requires a minimum number of fees, plus a commission for the operation
  3. Most banks force the client to open an account in which to manage credits or direct receipts. It is important to weigh whether we are interested in carrying out these procedures or we can get money through another entity that does not involve a greater expenditure of money than the procedures of the credit itself.
  4. Talk to our bank in the first place. If we have been with them for quite some time, it is more plausible that they grant us a loan with better conditions, bearing in mind that they already know us and there is a certain confidence
  5. Always check the extra administrative expenses that you can create
  6. Read the credit agreement well . Do not sign anything if there are blank spaces or the documentation is incomplete
  7. Some of the data that should appear in the contract are: the total money lent, the interest rate, the form of payment, the installments, the interest in case of delay or the consequences in case of default by both parties
  8. Analyze the cost of the term to return the credit . Sometimes we can offer quite different periods that can range from 12 months, 24 months to 5 or 8 years. It is important to try to apply for the loan as soon as possible, since otherwise it would mean an exponential increase in interest
  9. Always require the creditor that the documentation is complete , both with the data on one side and the other and keep a copy of the signed
  10. It is also important to ask for a binding offer , always knowing what we sign and asking everything that is not understood

On the other hand, if what we really need is money and without further complication we can opt for mini-credits , an increasingly common option in the market due to the lack of liquidity of the banks and the few requisites they entail. However, it is important to keep in mind the high volume of interests they entail.

Richard Gerver http://urcf.net//richard-gerver/ Wed, 20 Jun 2018 11:06:20 +0000 http://www.urcf.net/?p=84  

I am very concerned about the state of education , not only in Spain,

I am very concerned about the <strong>state of education</strong> , not only in Spain,

but throughout the world. Whenever there is a debate about education is polarized, we have an argument here and another here, the traditional against the progressive, politicians against teachers, parents against teachers, schools, politicians and against the whole world, right ?, and the only ones The children are suffering, because we leave them behind. I think that in the debate we have to stop shouting, because we come from where we come from, in terms of education, we all have one thing in common, and that is that we care about children. The important thing is that we all fervently wish the best for the children. The change in education arises with adult and mature conversations. I believe that today we have a wonderful opportunity, maybe we can generate an impulse that changes the future of our children and perhaps not only for our children now, but for the children of our children. It is everyone’s responsibility to educate to raise children, not to just survive, but to thrive.

Children are constantly bombarded with celebrities, they see famous footballers who earn a lot of money , they see celebrities on television and they seem to have a wonderful life. We have to help them understand how hard that player works to get to that position, be it Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar. Those players were not limited to kicking a ball in the garden, and one day someone gave them the shirt of Real Madrid or Barcelona or Paris Saint-Germain and told them he was going to pay half a million euros a week. These guys have to demonstrate incredible discipline and commitment and they have to work very hard, hour after hour, day after day, month after month, they have to take risks, they have to be prepared to fail, they have to learn and work very hard. What young children need to realize is the discipline that is needed to be successful, whether you are a footballer, lawyer, artist or dancer, all these things involve the same thing. But it is necessary to remember that as our children grow up, for the world in which they live, for the opportunity to have information and see what happens around them, children begin to get excited very young for the things that all of us we are worried When I talk to teenagers, I see that they care deeply about the world, they are very concerned about the threat of war, they are concerned about nature, the economy, and mainly about the ecology of the planet, and I think they care deeply, so you do not you worry a lot

Without teachers, without schools, without education we have nothing . We would not have doctors or lawyers or technologists or computer engineers, we would not have artists or dancers, we would not have anything.

I still have to prove that traditional homework, that children come home and have to do exercises that are exactly the same as what they have been doing in class, have some function. D fact, I am very concerned that it interferes with the lives of children. Because what would be great is that when the children come back from school they can develop, and I know many children who can not do it, that they have time to interact with their parents. There are some very good parents doing this, while others take them out of the way and that’s it. If you ask a child to get involved in something, it has to be important, it has to be worth it. I do not think you have to prohibit homework in all its forms. I would like to see if the children are interested in what they are learning in school, because when they return home they will investigate the subject, either on the Internet or in a museum; they want to learn things We have to respect children, and they need their own time and space, they have to be able to develop their own interests , they have to be able to relate to their friends, these things are as important as the learning they do at school. Because there is nothing like getting home tired, parents screaming at them, teachers threatening to do their homework, so that children do not want to study and get bored.

People divide education between useful things and those that are not. One of the first things I want to say about that is that we have to understand that learning is interdisciplinary , in other words, many of the skills you will need in Fine Arts are similar to those you will use in English, writing, and the like. to some of the ones you’ll need in math, music or science. People have to understand first is that the world is not divided into subjects, because our lives are a mixture of interdisciplinary skills, behaviors, knowledge and experience. If we focus on the Fine Arts, for example, first and at a very basic level, the motor skills we need to control a pen, a pencil, a wax, a brush or a camera, whatever the medium, are as delicate as the ones that a surgeon in whom you are trusting needs to perform a complex surgery. So the training of motor skills is interdisciplinary. When you think about the process of art, you think about the process of creation and creativity. To create something, be it artistic, scientific or mathematical, you have to be brave, because creating something new requires value, since you have to be prepared to risk it. So the courage to make mistakes, to learn, to try new things, to communicate with other people and hope to inspire someone just like someone motivated you, all those things cross borders, you need the same behaviors to be a great scientist , to be a magnificent mathematician, to be a dancer, doctor, lawyer. In my opinion, telling a child that he should not do something because it is not so important is crazy. I remember that he had a friend who never went out, did not do anything, never played sports, spent all his time playing computer games, and everyone, including his parents, asked him to stop wasting his time playing computer games. He developed one of the most complex softwares (softwers) that Microsoft uses today, he is a multimillionaire. So the idea that you have to tell children what is important and what is not important is ridiculous, because what I do know about people who are very successful is that they are successful because they are passionate about what they do, be it science, mathematics, English, music or art. They feel passion for what they do , and that passion is what makes overcome difficult moments, hard decisions, risks, failures. As a parent, what I would say to other parents is that you help your children discover their passions and support them because that passion will take them much further than your opinion of which subject is more important than another.

Learn more about Richard Gerver

Learn more about Richard Gerver Biography Doctor in education, teacher and writer, he was awarded the National Education Award and named the best school director in the United Kingdom . He is the author of books such as “Create today the school of tomorrow”, “The education and the future of our children” and “Simple Thinking.” Elite athletes and large organizations have counted on him to help them understand their vision of the potential human. Faqs How do you expect the schools of the XXII century to be?

Most of the changes we have made in education have been reactions, we are not good at projecting into the future.

Society is changing, so education has to evolve. We are not giving our children what they need because we are always staying behind. The main task of educators is, above all, that you see yourself in the same way that you see a medical professional, that they focus on what they are doing, but at the same time they are aware of what is happening around them, always They are investigating. They learn new methods, refresh their experiences and opportunities and use that to question and test their behaviors and their methodology. We have to be at the forefront of human development, in order to help children prepare for the challenges they will have to face.

“We need the whole society to collaborate in the creation of an educational system that prepares children for the challenges of the future.”



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The Internet has developed into a valuable a substantial but light people. Although someone sends an email or do research, this can also be employed to transact home business. This is better known as what is the best way to manage electronic commerce implementations and approaches to do will be by developing a website.

You join a for a paid-blogging ability. Once they verify your blog, they’ll a person what “opportunities” (read: jobs) you are qualified to achieve. Then, you choose what opportunities you are after. An example opportunity will have you write about “Product X with 300 words” and will ask you to include a connection to Product X’s website. Basically, you’re writing a short ad for that product.

The restrict on 2 hours is set at $1500 dollars. Most people who apply to a business will really need to begin a smaller background before obtaining anything at all over $1000. You may get these payday loans.

The actual first is the overall data, and the overall situation, mode, compartment. As we all know, clothing is home important industry, China could be the most significant consumer and manufacturing countries, clothing is China’s first app. This is one of our investigation, including for the data we clean out treasure inside can get evidence.

The first Sharp GPS is Sharp e-cash examples XEA106 technology. You will not need to face any difficulty when from this device just because it has a rapid guide. It is the best choice if you will have the small business or the store owner getaway needs the e-cash examples register in small size. Even though its size is quite small, but still it has the bug accuracy. The first thing you have to is programming the device which can be performed efficiently. The easy to program, but using gadget is also easy.

Along with a problem commissions, they pay out monthly bonus items. You do have to acquire a monthly variety of. You can earn up to $450.00 monthly to cover auto advantages and disadvantages of electronic payment system ppt cell phone expenses.

There are a few different solutions to do. If you are on the internal revenue service Free File page, the right gifts ‘Pick a complimentary File Company’ link more than a right adverse. You will have the thrill to review about 15 companies and a quick description as to what each one provides.

The only disadvantage the software has is it runs using a computer system, unlike others may perhaps possibly also go wrong. It may collapse instances and whether or not it happens in case you have any backup data, you are in all probability to encounter an enormous loss. The info is more vital in comparison with systems discover has for secured. In the event of happens, you return to square one losing everything and would hardly precisely what is your profit or loss and many more similar effects. So the best method is to have an accurate data backup from the entire thing stored in your computer designs. Once you do this, you keep your systems intact and perhaps can use scratch or even system crashes.