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I am very concerned about the state of education , not only in Spain,

I am very concerned about the <strong>state of education</strong> , not only in Spain,

but throughout the world. Whenever there is a debate about education is polarized, we have an argument here and another here, the traditional against the progressive, politicians against teachers, parents against teachers, schools, politicians and against the whole world, right ?, and the only ones The children are suffering, because we leave them behind. I think that in the debate we have to stop shouting, because we come from where we come from, in terms of education, we all have one thing in common, and that is that we care about children. The important thing is that we all fervently wish the best for the children. The change in education arises with adult and mature conversations. I believe that today we have a wonderful opportunity, maybe we can generate an impulse that changes the future of our children and perhaps not only for our children now, but for the children of our children. It is everyone’s responsibility to educate to raise children, not to just survive, but to thrive.

Children are constantly bombarded with celebrities, they see famous footballers who earn a lot of money , they see celebrities on television and they seem to have a wonderful life. We have to help them understand how hard that player works to get to that position, be it Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar. Those players were not limited to kicking a ball in the garden, and one day someone gave them the shirt of Real Madrid or Barcelona or Paris Saint-Germain and told them he was going to pay half a million euros a week. These guys have to demonstrate incredible discipline and commitment and they have to work very hard, hour after hour, day after day, month after month, they have to take risks, they have to be prepared to fail, they have to learn and work very hard. What young children need to realize is the discipline that is needed to be successful, whether you are a footballer, lawyer, artist or dancer, all these things involve the same thing. But it is necessary to remember that as our children grow up, for the world in which they live, for the opportunity to have information and see what happens around them, children begin to get excited very young for the things that all of us we are worried When I talk to teenagers, I see that they care deeply about the world, they are very concerned about the threat of war, they are concerned about nature, the economy, and mainly about the ecology of the planet, and I think they care deeply, so you do not you worry a lot

Without teachers, without schools, without education we have nothing . We would not have doctors or lawyers or technologists or computer engineers, we would not have artists or dancers, we would not have anything.

I still have to prove that traditional homework, that children come home and have to do exercises that are exactly the same as what they have been doing in class, have some function. D fact, I am very concerned that it interferes with the lives of children. Because what would be great is that when the children come back from school they can develop, and I know many children who can not do it, that they have time to interact with their parents. There are some very good parents doing this, while others take them out of the way and that’s it. If you ask a child to get involved in something, it has to be important, it has to be worth it. I do not think you have to prohibit homework in all its forms. I would like to see if the children are interested in what they are learning in school, because when they return home they will investigate the subject, either on the Internet or in a museum; they want to learn things We have to respect children, and they need their own time and space, they have to be able to develop their own interests , they have to be able to relate to their friends, these things are as important as the learning they do at school. Because there is nothing like getting home tired, parents screaming at them, teachers threatening to do their homework, so that children do not want to study and get bored.

People divide education between useful things and those that are not. One of the first things I want to say about that is that we have to understand that learning is interdisciplinary , in other words, many of the skills you will need in Fine Arts are similar to those you will use in English, writing, and the like. to some of the ones you’ll need in math, music or science. People have to understand first is that the world is not divided into subjects, because our lives are a mixture of interdisciplinary skills, behaviors, knowledge and experience. If we focus on the Fine Arts, for example, first and at a very basic level, the motor skills we need to control a pen, a pencil, a wax, a brush or a camera, whatever the medium, are as delicate as the ones that a surgeon in whom you are trusting needs to perform a complex surgery. So the training of motor skills is interdisciplinary. When you think about the process of art, you think about the process of creation and creativity. To create something, be it artistic, scientific or mathematical, you have to be brave, because creating something new requires value, since you have to be prepared to risk it. So the courage to make mistakes, to learn, to try new things, to communicate with other people and hope to inspire someone just like someone motivated you, all those things cross borders, you need the same behaviors to be a great scientist , to be a magnificent mathematician, to be a dancer, doctor, lawyer. In my opinion, telling a child that he should not do something because it is not so important is crazy. I remember that he had a friend who never went out, did not do anything, never played sports, spent all his time playing computer games, and everyone, including his parents, asked him to stop wasting his time playing computer games. He developed one of the most complex softwares (softwers) that Microsoft uses today, he is a multimillionaire. So the idea that you have to tell children what is important and what is not important is ridiculous, because what I do know about people who are very successful is that they are successful because they are passionate about what they do, be it science, mathematics, English, music or art. They feel passion for what they do , and that passion is what makes overcome difficult moments, hard decisions, risks, failures. As a parent, what I would say to other parents is that you help your children discover their passions and support them because that passion will take them much further than your opinion of which subject is more important than another.

Learn more about Richard Gerver

Learn more about Richard Gerver Biography Doctor in education, teacher and writer, he was awarded the National Education Award and named the best school director in the United Kingdom . He is the author of books such as “Create today the school of tomorrow”, “The education and the future of our children” and “Simple Thinking.” Elite athletes and large organizations have counted on him to help them understand their vision of the potential human. Faqs How do you expect the schools of the XXII century to be?

Most of the changes we have made in education have been reactions, we are not good at projecting into the future.

Society is changing, so education has to evolve. We are not giving our children what they need because we are always staying behind. The main task of educators is, above all, that you see yourself in the same way that you see a medical professional, that they focus on what they are doing, but at the same time they are aware of what is happening around them, always They are investigating. They learn new methods, refresh their experiences and opportunities and use that to question and test their behaviors and their methodology. We have to be at the forefront of human development, in order to help children prepare for the challenges they will have to face.

“We need the whole society to collaborate in the creation of an educational system that prepares children for the challenges of the future.”